International Research Workshop

 “Mastering Data Analysis using SPSS”

Hands on Training Using SPSS


The workshop will help to understand techniques for summarizing and presenting data, estimation,confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, modeling relationships and some multivariate techniques. The workshop focuses more on understanding of key concepts and statistical thinking, and less on formulas and calculations, which can now be done on statistical softwareThe methodology of the workshop is a case-study approach which includes a lot of cases and examples to illustrate various statistical tests.


The researchers from Universities,Institutes, R&D organizations and Social Sector organizations are requested to participate either individually or institutional from anywhere around the Malaysia. We will provide live Video conferencing of the workshop.



DataManagement and Preparation for Analysis


·        Data Analysis Process

·        Factors affecting Data Analysis, Data preparation

·        Checking Data Instruments, Questionnaire, Interview sheets

·        Transcribing Data, Editing, Coding

·        Data entry in SPSS, Data Cleaning

·        Defining Variable on SPSS Variable View Screen

·        Assigning Value Labels, Working with Data Files

·        Checking Scale Reliability through SPSS

·        Creating new Variables from Existing One

DescriptiveStatistics for Qualitative & Quantitative Data


·        Stem and Leaf Plot

·        Graphical, Tabulation and Numerical Presentation of Data

·        Measuring the Central Tendency, Position and Dispersion

·        Selection of Appropriate Statistical tools for Data Presentation




·        Types of Hypothesis

·        Concepts of level of Significance, p-value

·        Types of Errors




·        Simple Linear Regression

·        Multiple Regression

·        Logistic Regression, Odds ratio

·        Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation

·        Multiple correlations, Partial Correlation


ComparingGroups (quantitative data)


·        T-tests

·        ANOVA

·        Repeated measurement ANOVA

·        MANOVA and MANCOVA




·        Chi-Square Test

·        Fisher’s Exact Test

·        Coefficient of Contingency

·        Crammer’s V


Useof Non-Parametric Tests


·        Proportion tests

·        Run test, Sign test

·        Man Whitney U-test

·        McNamara Test

·        Kruskal Wali’s Tests

·        Fried Man Test


Resource Persons:


Dr. Lay Yoon Fah

Authorof books on SPSS & AMOS

Expertof Statistical Softwares SPSS & AMOS


UniversityMalaysia Sabah



Professor Dr. Saurabh Agarwal

SPSS Certified

Consultant to IBM SPSS

South East Asia


Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)




Date:   22-23 June, 2012 (Friday-Saturday)

Time:  9:30am-5:30pm

Investment:   RM 300/participant

Institutional Participation:   RM. 3000 (up to 40 participants)


Note: The Universities/Institutes are requested to organize this International level workshop in their own Computer lab/seminar room.  We will provide the live video conferencing of the workshop and participants will participate through live Q&A with the resource persons. For Institutional participation arrangements contact us.(+60163087064, 0102102225, 0102480241)


Online Registration:


For Registration details


 The participant will also get

·         Resource Material(soft copy through email)

·         Certificate ofParticipation (through courier)

·         Cd of thesoftware and a DVD of workshop recordings (through courier) 


How to participate?


The registered participant will receive a confirmatory email from RCTD. The email will have workshop join link. The participant will click the join link on the day of workshop; it will download a setup file. After download is completed, click/run the setup file, the setup will be automatically completed in 2-3 minutes and participant will be connected with live video conferencing of the workshop.    


·        Desktop computer/Laptop P4 or latest with web cam

·        Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7/Mac

·        Internet connectivity

·         Aset of Headphone & Mic (connect to your computer) 


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