International Research Workshop

 “Mastering Biostatistics Using SPSS and Research Designs in Medical and Health Sciences”


Course Description:


Biostatistics provides the essential methodological and quantitative underpinning necessary for much of medical and health sciences researchers. Appropriate study design, data collection and analysis are all needed in order to quantify the effect of risk factors and health interventions on individuals or populations. RCTD is organizing an International Online Workshop “Mastering Biostatistics Using SPSS and Research Designs in Medical and Health Sciences” on 6-7 July, 2012 through  High Definition (HD)Video Conferencing.


The researchers from Universities,Institutes, R&D organizations and Social Sector organizations are invitedto participate either individually or institutional from anywhere aroundthe world. We will provide live High Definition (HD) Video conferencing ofthe workshop in your own office/auditorium/computer lab/home.



Mastering Biostatistics and ResearchDesigns

·         Introduction

·         BiostatisticalResearch Strategies

·         StudyDesigns

·         ObservationalStudies- A Case Study

·         CrossSectional Studies- A Case Study

·         Cohort/FollowUp Studies- A Case Study

·         CaseControl Studies- A Case Study

·         RandomizedStudies- A Case Study

Mastering Biostatistics Using SPSS:




·        Stem and Leaf Plot

·        Graphical, Tabulation and Numerical Presentation of Data

·        Measuring the Central Tendency, Position and Dispersion

·        Selection of Appropriate Statistical tools for Data Presentation




·        Types of Hypothesis

·        Concepts of level of Significance, p-value

·        Types of Errors




·        Simple Linear Regression

·        Multiple Regression

·        Logistic Regression, Odds ratio

·        Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation

·        Multiple correlations, Partial Correlation


ComparingGroups (quantitative data)


·        T-tests

·        ANOVA

·        Repeated measurement ANOVA

·        MANOVA and MANCOVA




·        Chi-Square Test

·        Fisher’s Exact Test

·        Coefficient of Contingency

·        Crammer’s V


Useof Non-Parametric Tests


·        Proportion Tests

·        Run test, Sign Test

·        Man Whitney U-test

·        McNamara Test

·        Kruskal Wali’s Tests

·        Fried Man Test


Resource Person:


Professor Dr. Lay Yoon Fah

Authorof  Books on Data Analysis Using SPSS & AMOS

Expertof Statistical Softwares like SPSS, STATA, AMOS etc.

UniversityMalaysia Sabah, Malaysia


Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD)



Date:  6-7 July, 2012 (Friday-Saturday)

Time:  9:30am-5:30pm

Investment:  Rs. 3000/participant

Institutional Participation: Rs. 30,000 (up to 40 participants)

International Participant:  US$ 200

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