Research Center for Training and Development (RCTD) is regularly conducting workshops since the last three years,to train the faculty, researches in planning, conducting and publishing high quality research. Our strength, effectiveness and success lies in a blend ofhighly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of international and national trainers and use of state-of-the art training methods and technology. We have developed a number of research methods modules, Kindly find below the list of workshop organized in the year 2012-2011.



1.      International Workshop “Mastering Survey Methodology held on 27-28 April,2012

2.      InternationalWorkshop on “Mastering Dissertation/Thesis/Paper Writing” held on 22-24 March,2012.

3.      International Workshop on Applied Quantitative Techniques and Data Analysis Using SPSS V.20(latest version) held on 24-25 February,2012

4.      National LevelWorkshop “Mastering Research Tools; Using SPSS, STATA, AMOS and EndNote X5 heldon 5-7 January,2012 at Superior University, Lahore

5.      National Level Workshop Developing a Researcher Workshop (BNU, Lahore held on 25-26Novemer,2011

6.      Institutional Training on Critical Thinking, Research Process and Design (organized at ShifaMedical College Islamabad on October, 2011 )

7.      Institutional Training of Sukkur Institute of Business Administration on Research Ethics, and Citation and Referencing in Research Using EndNote X5 held in September, 2011

8.      Institutional Training of Chandka Medical College, Larkana on Research Ethics and Managing Plagiarism held on 21-22 September,2011.

9.      Writing Research Paper (Applied Economics Research Center, Karachi

10.   Citation and Referencing in Research (Sukkur Institute of Business Administration)

11.    Searching andFinding Secondary Data through Print and Digital Resources ( Organized atCOMSATS, Lahore )

12.    Critical and Systematic Review of Literature(Organized at COMSATS)

13.    Citation & Referencing in Research-Using EndNoteSoftware and Zotero (Organized at UOL, and Arid Agriculture University,Rawalpindi)

14.    Developing a Research Workshop ( BNU, Lahore)

15.    Research Ethics & Avoiding Plagiarism( Orgnaizedat Quaide-Azam University, Islamabad, Isra University, Hyderabad and Abdul WaliKhan University in 2011)

16.    Research Design and Proposal Writing (Organized at Shifa Medical College, Islamabad)

17.    Qualitative Research Methods-Analysis through NVIVOSoftware (Organized at BNU, Lahore in 2011)

18.    Quantitative Research Methods-Analysis Using SPSS (Organized at BNU, Lahore)

19.    Measurement, Scale Development, Reliability andValidity in Research (NUST, Islamabad)

20.    Instrument/Questionnaire Adoption, Designing andTesting

21.    Population and Sampling Techniques (Organized at AERC,Karachi)

22.    Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Using AMOS Software(COMSATS, Lahore )

23.    Academic Writing and Publishing Conference papers and Journal Articles (Punjab University and UMT, Lahore

24.    Supervision and Management of Thesis (Organized Online)

25.    Writing Fund Winning Research Proposals/Synopsis(NIBGE, Faisalabad)

26.    Managing  Fundedand Academic Research Projects: The Effective Ways  (UVAS, Lahore)

27.    A three-day Symposium on Quality Research inScience/Paper/Journal Jointly organized by RCTD and Hazara University,Mansehra.




We have been organizing following research methods workshops in various prestigious universities of Asian region physically and online through High Definition Vide Conferencing facility.

·         Writing Research Proposals/Synopsis

·         Use of Online Resources: Browsing Digital Data

·         Developing Literature Review

·         Inferential Statistics for Researchers

·         Essential Skills for Researcher

·         Essential Skills for Research Supervisors

·         Experimental Design- A Case Study Approach

·         Research Design-Qualitative & Quantitative

·         Questionnaire/Scale Development 

·         Survey Methods& Data Collection Techniques

·         Sample Size Determination Using PASS 2011

·         Designing and Conducting Surveys

·         SPSS Programming

·         Mastering Time Series Analysis Using Eviews

·         Quantitative Techniques for Analysis

·         Reliability and Validity in Research

·         Qualitative Research Methods

·         Mixed Methods

·         Analyzing Data for Qualitative Research Using NVIVO 

·         Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Using AMOS 

·         Practical Multivariate Analysis Using STATA

·         Research Ethics

·         Managing Plagiarism- Pre & Post Controlling Strategies Using “turnitin”

·         Citation & Referencing in Research-Using EndNoteX5

·         Citation & Referencing Using Open Source Zotero

·         Academic Writing for Researchers

·         Scientific Writing

·         Research Editing

·         Modern Methods of Literature Review

·         Planning to Publishing; Integrated Academic Research

·         Writing Research Paper

·         Mastering Dissertation/Thesis/Paper Writing

·         Publishing Your Research

·         Publishing Research in Emerald Journals – The Effective Ways

·         Publishing Research in Science Direct – A Case Study Approach

·         Publishing Research in Springer- A Case Study Approach

·         Selling Your Research

·         University-Industry Partnership/Linkages/Relationships

·         Writing Fund Wining Proposals

·         Managing Research Projects: The Effective Ways