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Research methods Trainings

Research Center for Training & Development(RCTD) is working for the research capacity building of the faculty and postgraduate/graduate scholars through organizing workshops on research methodsand methodologies.


Research Center Refund Policy

Research Center organizes research methods trainings physically in the universities and online throughout the Asia region. In case of online training if we would not be  able to provide training transmission to the online participant due  to technical problems, Research Center will refund the full registration fee but in case the participant find any problem at his/her own end, due to internet connectivity,  the RCTD would not be able to refund. In that case the participant will be invited to attend the workshop on same topic whenever organized. RCTD will would not refund to the participant who are provided with resource material and a dedicated workshop join link. 


Additional terms of use

Additional terms of use apply to the use of certain areas or features of our website. These additional terms of use are set out on the relevant pages of our website and form part of these terms of use as if set out in full below. However, in the event of any conflict between these terms of use and any additional terms of use, the latter shall prevail.

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Equality and diversity

We believe in treating all individuals fairly and with equal respect.

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Discussion boards

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Exclusions and limitations of liability

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