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Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD) is regularly conducting workshops since the last three years, to train the faculty, researchers in planning, conducting and publishing high quality research. RCTD has well developed video conferencing facility and an advanced audience response system for the active participation in the workshops. The national and international trainers along with the researchers from around the world are regularly participating in the workshops.


RCTD has taken a new initiative of research membership. The six months research membership will cover 11-research methods workshops with major focus on statistical analysis and use of research software like SPSS, STATA, Gpower, PASS, AMOS, EndNoteX7, NVIVO, and turnitin. The membership is designed for regular capacity building of individuals and institutional participants at a very nominal fee. The individual participant will participate using a laptop/Computer connected with internet. The universities/institutes will join us in the auditorium/conferencing room or a computer lab.


Individual Research Membership:   Rs. 4500

Institutional Research Membership: Rs. 45,000 (up to 40-50 participants)

International Research Membership:  US$ 200


Note: The university/institute can invite researchers from different departments or from various disciplines. We can connect the multiple departments and campuses of same universities in one subscription.

To encourage the regular participation of the participants, the participants will get research softwares, certificates, Awards (Medals & Shields) and Prizes (Laptops/Tablets). The participant will get the certificate and dvds of workshop recordings for each workshop.


Research Exam (Skilled Researcher Certificate)

After the end of all the workshops, we will arrange an online exam (MCQs) for the participants. The exam will cover all the contents covered in the workshops. The participants scoring 50% will be awarded with a Skilled Researcher Certificate (for all), Laptops/Tablets for first three participants (scoring 90-95%) and Medals & Shields for first 20 participants (scoring 60-80 %). The scoring criteria will include the marks in the exam, attendance in the workshops and active participation/contribution in the workshops.


11 Research Methods Workshops-Developing a Researcher

The individual member and universities/institutes will attend the 11 research methods workshops over a period of one year. The individual member will be able to learn whatever time will be available for participation and if in any workshop the member is unable to participate, the researcher will be able to learn through dvds of workshop recordings.


Note: Kindly remember the 15% marks are for regular participation (attendance) and 15% marks are for active participation in exercises/Q&A Sessions of each workshop. These 30% marks will help the researcher to win the prizes of laptops/Tablets, medals and shields.


Online Registration 


The individual and institutional participants can send us the following details and a passport size picture in attachment (OPTIONAL) on The universities/institutes can prepare a list of 40-50 participants and send in word or excel file. After registration each individual member and institutional member will get its own member id no. we will also send a formal membership id card through courier.


Name of the Participant:


Discipline/Area of Research:


Phone/Cell: For Courier

Postal Address: For courier of Certificate and a DVD of Workshop recording


Note: Bring 4-5 individual members and get weave off. Kindly circulate the membership email to all the researchers in your network. Your support in brining the nominations and promoting the membership will help in regular organization of research workshops.


RCTD Institutional Banking Details:

The individual and institutional member can pay using details below. We will send a formal invoice after the registration of member. The member can pay through internet banking, ATM Machine visiting HBL branch or through any bank. The member can courier the cross cheque in the favor of RCTD to 217- J1 (Near J1 Market) Wapda Town, Lahore.


Institutional Account Title:  RCTD

Account no: 12837900511903

Banker: Habib Bank Limited (HBL)

Lahore Branch Code: 1283

RCTD PayPal Account for International Participants/Universities 




Membership for 21st Century Researcher includes;

  • Research Methods Workshops (1-2 Days)
  • Personal Development for Researcher
  • Research Scholarship, Awards & Prizes (Laptops, Medals and Shields)
  • Research Counseling from Trainers/Experts
  • Research Tools-The Softwares
  • IT Services and Support (Software Installation/troubleshooting)
  • Certificates
  • Workshop recordings
  • DVDs
  • Researcher Network Portal


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Programs for Capacity Building in Research (PCBR)




The PCBR is designed to train and polish faculty and researchers from critical thinking to the level of publishing research in their areas of interest. The program starts with an in-depth introduction to the critical thinking and planning required at the initial stage of a thesis, research project or a paper. It moves on development of critical review of literature, research ethics and plagiarism (using turnitin), research model, RQs, hypotheses and writing a research proposal. It is followed by selection of a suitable research method, hands on practice for conducting research, data collection & management, data analysis using SPSS and its interpretation, report writing and publishing papers, using citation management and referencing tools, Endnote, RefWork or Zotero.


The program aims in developing advance research skills of the participants through lectures, presentations use of software, robust training techniques, hands-on practice, exercises and real life examples. Along with theoretical understanding, the participants are challenged to exercise the concepts and then apply those in their own settings.

We have been organizing following research methods workshops physically and online through High Definition Video Conferencing facility.


1.  Writing Research Proposals/Synopsis

2.  Use of Online Resources: Browsing Digital Data

3.  Developing Literature Review

4.  Inferential Statistics for Researchers

5.  Essential Skills for Researcher

6.  Essential Skills for Research Supervisors

7.  Research Design-Qualitative & Quantitative

8.  Mastering Qualitative Research Methodology

9.  Mastering Quantitative Research Methodology

10. Mastering Mixed Research Methodology

11. Questionnaire/Scale Development 

12. Survey Methods& Data Collection Techniques

13. .Sample Size Determination Using PASS 2011

14. Designing and Conducting Surveys

15. Mastering Survey Methodology and Data Analysis for Researchers

16. SPSS Programming

17. Mastering Time Series Analysis Using Eviews

18. QuantitativeTechniques for Analysis Using SPSS

19. Mastering Advanced Regression Analysis- The 9 Cases of Regression

20. Mastering Biostatistics and Research Designs in Medical and Health Sciences Research

21. Applied Quantitative Techniques for Researchers

22. Data Analysis for Public Health Researcher Using EpiInfo

23. Data Analysis Using R (An Open Source Software)

24. Reliability and Validity in Research

25. AnalyzingQualitative Data Using NVIVO 

26. AnalyzingQualitative Data Using Dedoose

27. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Using AMOS 

28. Practical Multivariate Analysis Using STATA

29. Research Ethics

30. Managing Plagiarism- Pre & Post Controlling Strategies Using “turnitin”

31. Citation & Referencing in Research-Using EndNoteX5

32. Citation & Referencing Using Open Source Zotero

33. Academic Writing for Researchers

34. Scientific Writing

35. Research Editing

36. Modern Methods of Literature Review

37. Planning to Publishing; Integrated Academic Research

38. Writing Research Paper

39. Mastering Dissertation/Thesis/Paper Writing

40. Publishing Your Research

41. Publishing Research in Emerald Journals – The Effective Ways

42. Publishing Research in Science Direct – A Case Study Approach

43. Publishing Research in Springer- A Case Study Approach

44. Selling Your Research

45. University-Industry Partnership/Linkages/Relationships

46. Writing Fund Wining Proposals

47.Managing Research Projects: The Effective Ways


Note: For detailed contents and organization of these research methods workshops, send proposal request to: