Bridging the gap: Turning classical statistics experience directly into a working knowledge of survey data analysis


Date: 27-28 September, 2018 (Thursday-Friday)




Quantitative analysis has become prerequisite to academic research, managerial reports and field analysis. Sophisticated quantitative techniques are applied to report patterns, test significance, infer statistics and present results in graphical models. The Institute of Research Promotion (IRP) is organizing two-day workshop on ADVANCED QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS THROUGH SPSS & AMOS. The workshop will train you on how to produce various Basic to advanced level statistics according to your research needs. Participants will learn how to use SPSS and AMOS for producing quantitative analysis, interpreting values, applying tests, and producing results.


This workshop will quickly help you to learn the basics to advanced level usage of SPSS for analyzing the types of data that results from most surveys. While statistics will be taught from scratch, the main statistical tools used for survey data analysis will be reviewed and discussed. Participants will be conducting analysis using SPSS and AMOS on their own personal laptops. We will provide the softwares for practice sessions. This is a totally hands-on workshop.


The researchers from Universities, Research Institutes, R&D organizations and Social Sector organizations are requested to participate individually or institutional in their own auditorium/office/home from anywhere around the world. The individual participant can participate using a laptop/desktop computer connected through Internet. For institutional registration and arrangements, contact us through phone/mobile (+923124415574, 00971523560615,+92-42-35846988) or email (, ). Kindly visit:   (video conferencing).


Note: The university/institute can pay the fee after the workshop. we will send the certificate of participation and recordings of the workshop through courier. You are invited to circulate this workshop invitation to other graduate/postgraduate students and academicians who might be interested or would benefit from this workshop.The discounts are available for group participation. 


Program Details:

Registration Open: 

Date: 27-28 September, 2018

Duration: Two-Days

Timing: 09:30AM-05:00pm PST

Fee:  Rs. 3000/participant (Discount Available for Group Participation)

Institutional Participation: Rs. 40,000 ( 30-40 Participants)


What Will You Get?

  • Certificate of participation
  • Workshop recordings for life time learning
  • Resource material, slides and practice exercises
  • Post-workshop consulting
  • Networking with professionals
  • Continues learning on the subject


International Recognized Trainers

Dr. Khaliq uz Zaman

Phd in Statistics

Faculty Member

Dhofar University



Dr. Saima Rashid

IBM SPSS Certified Trainer


Department of Statistics and Information

Prince Sultan University

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Dr. Akram Nasim


Trainer for Bureau of Statistics


Faculty Member

State Bank of Pakistan


Capacity Building in Inferential Statistics for Surveys

  • The Research Process and Statistics
  • What are inferential Statistics?
  • Probability- From Population to Representative Sample
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Normal Distribution
  • Zee Scores
  • T Distribution
  • Confidence Levels and Intervals
  • Testing of Hypothesis
  • Type I Error & Type II Error
  • Concept of P Value
  • Understanding Significance Value


Kinds of Data and Data Entry


  • Interval Data
  • Ordinal Data
  • Nominal Data
  • Getting Started with SPSS for Windows
  • Introduction
  • Variable Names and Value Labels
  • Variable Names
  • Value Labels
  • Data Entry using the Keyboard
  • Data Cleaning and Data Sorting
  • Data Import and Export


Compute Variables/Data Transformation using SPSS


  • Transforming Variables to Satisfy Assumptions
  • Transforming Variables
  • Transformations for Normality


Descriptive Analysis for Surveys


  • Descriptive Analysis for Qualitative Data
  • Descriptive Analysis for Quantitative Data
  • Tabulation and Numerical Presentation of Data
  • Measuring the Central Tendency
  • Measuring Position and Dispersion
  • Selection of Appropriate Statistical tools for Data Presentation


Exploratory Data Analysis for Surveys

  • Box-and-Whisker Plots
  • Stem-and-Leaf Displays
  • Scatter Plot Matrices 


Comparing Groups for Surveys


  • T-tests-Independent and Paired Sample
  • Repeated measurement ANOVA


Measuring Association for Surveys

  • Chi-Square Test in Survey Data Analysis (Case)


Seeing Relationship for Surveys


  • Pearson Correlation, Spearman Correlation
  • Multiple correlations, Partial Correlation


Predictive Analysis for Surveys


  • Simple Linear Regression using SPSS
  • Multiple  Regression using SPSS


Advanced Predictive Analysis for Surveys using AMOS


  • Introduction of AMOS
  • Output of AMOS
  • Multiple Regressions using AMOS


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Account NO: 0012837900511903 (Complete no for Any ATM or Internet Banking)

Branach Code: 1283, Lahore



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