Research Workshop

Analyzing Data using NVivo V.11 and SPSS V.24 Software

August 24-25, 2017 from 9:30AM to 05:00PM PST

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The researchers today not only need to develop skills in carrying out community based researches but also develop skills in analyzing and managing data acquired through the hectic process. The acquired data should be used during the life of project for the purpose of planning, reporting and monitoring of performance. Institute of Research Promotion, Lahore and Research Center for Training and Development, Dubai is organizing a two day workshop “Data Analysis using NVivo V.11 and SPSS V.24 Software” on August 24-25, 2017. The workshop facilitators are Professor Dr. Muhammad Abu Salih, PhD Statistics, University of Illinois, USA, Dr. Saima Rashid, IBM SPSS Certified, Director, Department of Statistics and Information, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia, Mr. Anton Svendrovski, IBM SPSS Certified, Head, Statshep, Canada and Mr. Zeeshan, Listed Trainer, QSR NVivo, Australia.


We welcome the  individual researchers, universities, public and private sector organizations to join us in conferencing room or a computer lab. The individual participant can participate using a laptop/desktop computer connected with internet. We  have state of art conferencing specially designed for hands on training sessions for software like SPSS and NVivo. For institutional registration and arrangements, contact us through email ( or Call Mr. Zakriya, Manager, IT (+92 3124415574,+92-42-35846988). The researchers from Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait are participating in this valued international workshop. Kindly share the details to all the researchers in your network. Visit: , (current workshop)


Note: The University can pay the fee right after the workshop participation.




Data: 24-25 August, 2017 (Thursday-Friday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm PST

Contribution: Rs. 3000/participant

Institutional Participation: Rs. 40,000 (25-35 participants)

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The individual researcher can join using a laptop and normal internet connection. The university/institute will join us in a conferencing room or an auditorium. For institutional participation and arrangements, contact (Mr. Zakriya, IT Manager) through email ( ) or call us (+92 3124415574,+92-42-35846988). 



The research related activities are growing in both academic and commercial settings. In academia, rapidly growing rate of faculty members are entering into research field and enrolment of PhD. and M.Phil in research related discipline has dramatically increased. In industry, the marketing research business is expanding and research centers are established in many business firms, which make valued addition in overall research pool. The scenario raises the need of a training workshop, which could enhance researcher’s skills of doing research in any of the discipline. The data analysis by using different techniques is the skill needed by all researchers of academia, public and corporate sector.




This workshop is designed to equip the researchers with application skills of analysis using SPSS V.24 and NVivo V.12 The participants will have the in-depth understanding of qualitative and quantitative techniques for analysis, real life applications, computation through NVivo and SPSS, interpretation of these tools for problem solving and giving facts-based decisions in business and social life. The workshop will serve the following learning objectives:


  • In depth understanding of basic and advanced quantitative techniques
  • Managing data and doing analysis on SPSS
  • Application and interpretation of quantitative techniques for business decisions
  • Training from a statistics specialist and SPSS expert
  • Data analysis in qualitative research 
  • Coding and classification in qualitative research 
  • Relationships and interpretations in qualitative research 
  • Understating software for analysis of qualitative data 
  • Adding, coding and liking data through software nodes 
  • Queries and search options 
  • Managing variety of analysis output in software
  • Networking with experts
  • Post-workshop consulting



  • Introduction of NVivo V.11
  • Basics of NVivo and setting up a project
  • Importing and coding documents 
  • Developing literature review using NVivo
  • Working with your themes and ideas and shaping your findings
  • Importing and coding additional sources (Audio & Video files) 
  • Classifying and categorizing data
  • Grouping your data: collections and links 
  • Exploring your data
  • Models and relationships 
  • Visualizing your data
  • Reporting and presenting your findings



Module 1: Introduction to SPSS

1.    Installing SPSS Ver.16

2.    Starting SPSS

3.    The Data Editor

4.    Variable and Data views

5.    Output viewer

6.    syntax editor

7.    common windows menus

8.    uncommon menus

9.    Opening a Data File

10. Saving a data file

11. Introduction to menu bar and toolbar

12. The Dialog Box


Module 2: Concept of Meta-Data

1.    Save Files and the Data Dictionary

2.    Categorical Variables

3.    Nominal Variables

4.    Ordinal Variables

5.    Interval Variables

6.    Ratio Variables

7.    Introduction to Levels of Measurement

8.    Variable Name Examples

9.    Variable Types

10. String Variables

11. Numeric Variables

12. Other Variables Types

13. Entering Variable Names and Types

14. Treating Missing Values

15. Entering multiple response data in SPSS

Module 3: Modifying Data Values

1.    The Recode Procedure

2.    Recoding into the Same Variable

3.    Recoding into a Different Variable

4.    The Compute Procedure


Module 4: Summary Data for Individual Variables

1.    Defining Terminology

2.    Definition of Univariate Descriptive Statistics

3.    Measures of Central Tendency and Basic Charts

4.    Bar Charts and Histograms

5.    The Frequency Procedure

6.    The Descriptive Procedure

Module 5: Cross tabulation

1.    Creating Basic Cross tabs

2.    Creating Layered Cross tabs

3.    Chi-Square for Cross tabs

4.    Interpreting a Chi-Square

5.    Charting a Cross tab

6.    Clustered Bar Chart

7.    Analyzing multiple response data

Module 6: Testing Means of population

1.    One sample t-test

2.    Independent sample t-test

3.    Paired sample t-test

4.    One way ANOVA

5.    Regression



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