International Workshop

IBM SPSS Professional Certification Preparatory Course

IBM Certified Specialist - SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2


Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD) offers a wide range of training and development opportunities for the researchers. RCTD is regularly conducting workshops since the last three years, to train the faculty/researchers in planning, conducting and publishing high quality research.


RCTD is organizing an international workshop "IBM SPSS Certification Preparatory Course" on 19-20 September, 2014 (Friday-Saturday) through High Definition Video Conferencing. The course is designed according to the official course outline of IBM SPSS Statistics along with sample tests and hands on sessions using SPSS V.20. The course will help the participant to successfully prepare and complete the Certification. The course is divided into eight sessions and each session includes power point presentations, cases, hands on exercise and a sample test of IBM SPSS Examination. The course facilitator is Mr. Anton Svendrovski, IBM SPSS Certified, Director, StatsHelp, Canada.


The researchers from Universities, Research Institutes, R&D Organizations and Social Sector Organizations can participate individually or institutional in their own auditorium/office/home from anywhere around the world. The individual participant can participate using a laptop/desktop computer connected with internet. For institutional registration and arrangements, contact us through email ( or Call us (00923224309974, 00971551192657, 001 905 487 1733). Kindly Visit: (current workshop)



IBM SPSS Certification Course Outline:


Session 1

Exam logistics (when and how to write the exam)

IBM SPSS Certification Course Registration

Exam Center/Locations in your own Country/City

Operations/Running IBM SPSS Statistics
a. General use
b. Operations
c. Settings
d. Syntax
e. Variables

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session


Session 2

Reading and Defining Data
a. Datasets
b. Reading data
c. Variables

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session



Session 3

Data Understanding/Descriptive
a. Crosstabs
b. Descriptive statistics
c. Dispersion
d. Procedure
e. Frequencies
f. Means procedure
g. Statistics

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session


Session 4

Data Management
a. Adding cases
b. Aggregation
c. Duplicate cases
d. Select Cases
e. Split File

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session


Session 5

Data Transformations
a. Categorical variables
b. Computing variables
c. Counting values across variables
d. Counting values across cases
e. If Conditions
f. Recoding
g. Variables

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session


Session 6

Output: Editing and Exploring
a. Charts
b. Exporting results
d. Output
e. Pivot Tables Editor
f. Scale Data::Box plots
g. Scale Variable charts
h. Scatter plots
i. Table Looks

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session


 Session 7

Basic Inferential Statistics
a. Chi-square
b. Correlations
c. Regression
d. Samples
e. Statistics::Error
f. T-Test
g. Statistics

IBM SPSS Sample Test Questions

Hands on Practice Session


Session 8

Overview of all exam sections and Certification Process

Attempting a Complete IBM SPSS Sample Test

Certification Check List

Test Registration


Obtaining your Certificate


Program Information

Date: 19-20 September, 2014 (Friday-Saturday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm Dubai, UAE

Local Participant: Rs. 3000/participant

International Participant: US$ 200/participant

Institutional Participation: Rs. 40,000 (up to 40 participants)

Note: The Universities/Institutes are requested to organize this International level workshop in their own computer lab/auditorium. The host institute does not require to have any conferencing facility, the conferencing facility will be provided by RCTD. For Institutional participation and arrangements, contact us (00971551192657, 00923224309974+1-6477176994, 0019054871733) or 


Registration and Payment details

For registration send us the following details on .  The registered participant will receive all the payment details in a formal invoice.

Full Name with Initials Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr.


Discipline/Area of Research:


Phone/Cell: For Courier

Postal Address: For courier of Certificate and a DVD of Workshop recordings


The participant will also get

  •         Resource Material (soft copy through email)
  •         Certificate of Participation (through courier)
  •         Software and workshop recordings (through courier)

How to participate?

The confirmed participant/university will receive a confirmatory email from RCTD. The email will have a workshop join link. The participant will click the join link on the day of workshop on the time mentioned, after clicking, the setup will start and after 2-3 minutes, the participant will be connected with live HD Video Conferencing of the workshop.    



Desktop computer/Laptop P4 or latest

WindowsXP/Vista/Windows 7/Mac

Internet connectivity

A set of Headphone & Mic (connect to your computer)


Who Should Enrol?

  • Researcher of Academia
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Research Associate
  • Researchers of Marketing Research
  • Researchers of R&D Organizations
  • Researchers of Social Sector Organizations

For any questions or concerns regarding payments please contact one of our offices for assistance.


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Cell: + 97 551192657, 00923224309974

Skype: research.rctd  


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Office: +1 905487 1733


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