Institutional Participation Arrangements


RCTD is providing a specialized conferencing arrangement for enhanced audio/video learning for  institutional participation. The conferencing includes High defination Audio/Video, Split Screen/Multiple Screens feature, Live Practice Session Booth, Live BroadCasting Booth and Instant Interactivity Toosl linke live writing , audeince pools and mutipe choice exercise feature. Kindly see the details below. 

The HD conferencing can connect the multiple departments or multiple campuses of the same university for workshop. For proper arrangement and testing, we will need the mobile/phone no and email id of the IT person of the computer lab or video conferencing personnel of the university. The conferencing arrangements include normal as well as optional arrangement for enhanced learning. For proper arrangements, we will do testing for

  • Audio/Video testing for lectures and question/answer sessions
  • Spilt Screen System- Multiple Screens for enhanced learning
  • Live Practice Session Both- Participant do live activity with the trainer in practice session booth
  • Participant Broadcasting- Participants present their own problems by showing their research papers/thesis
  • Audience Polls: The participants can answer through quick audience poll
  • Exercise and Surveys: Participants attempt multiple choice questions exercises
  • Live Writing Tools: Participants can write question using their own tablets and android phones during live session

HD Connectivity will need

  • Broadband Internet Wired or Wireless (2 MB or Higer)
  • 2-3 Conferencing Laptops/Desktop Computers
  • External Webcams (optional)
  • Tablet or Ipad (optional) or Touch Screen Writing Pad
  • One  Multimedia projector or two Multimedia (optional for split screen)
  • Led/LCD Screens (optional) for enhanced learning environment)
  • Sound Sytem with Speakers, Wireless Mic and Amplifier



Split Screen Technology

Optional Split Screen-The conferencing can split the lecture part and all audience webcams for separate displays. For split screen system we will need at least two multimedia projectors in the auditorium/conferencing room or computer lab.  The split screen will help to see the audience and the trainer visual communication in 100% zoomed frame. 

The conferencing can also optionally give display to multiple LED/LCD screens available in the auditorium/confernce room/computer lab.

Live Practice Session Booth

The conferencing has enhanced interactivity as well as live practicing features. The participant who are not understanding or unable to follow any particular step while learning a software. They can practice live with trainer just like we do while attending training physically.

For live practice session booth we need 1-2 laptops/Desktop computers with webcams connected to conferencing through internet as shown in the picture. 

Live Broadcasting of Participant

The live broadcast feature is specially used to discuss the real time case studies of participants. During the workshop/training session if any participant want to present/show his/her own documents/presentations/reports/thesis or research papers to discuss with the trainer, we use live broadcasting feature of the conferencing. The participant audio/video as well as document/paper/research paper is visible to entire audience from around the world.

For live broadcasting booth we need a conferencing laptop/Desktop computer with webcams or external cam only connected to conferencing through internet as shown in the picture.


Advanced Interactive Writing Tools for Live Session


During the workshop the participant sometime has instant questions or wants to highlight or want to tell instantly to trainer. The conferencing facility has an advanced feature of Live writing tools. For that purpose we configure 2-3 tablets/ipads or simply android phones to allow participant to write or draw while live session.

Kindly remember the participant will be speaking and listening through the sound system but can write and indicate instantly through advanced writing tools feature. We can configure certain no of tablets/iphone/android phones and circulate in the audience. 



Pools and Multiple Choice Exercises Feature

The conferencing has advanced feature of audience pool. The question is presented on their multimedia screen in the auditorium and participants can attempt the pool/survey or a multiple choice exercise using thier laptops/computers or 5-10 android phone/tablets. The android phones or tablets are circulated in the entire audience row wise/coulmn wise for attempting pool or exercise. 

A Wifi internet connection is necessary to connect laptops/tablets/andriod phones