International Research Workshop

Developing a Researcher-The Entire Research Process

Software Application SPSS V20, EndNote X5 and turnitin


Welcome to the RCTD's Postgraduate Research (PGR) Services


Research Center for Training & Development (RCTD) offers a wide range of training and development opportunities for postgraduate researchers. RCTD is regularly conducting workshops since the last three years, to train the faculty/researchers in planning, conducting and publishing high quality research.


RCTD is organizing an international research workshop on "Developing a Researcher- The Entire Research Process" on 11-12 of June, 2014(Wednesday-Thursday). The workshop is designed to train and polish faculty and researchers from critical thinking to the level of publishing research. The program starts with an in-depth introduction to the research planning required at the initial stage of a thesis, research project or a paper. It moves on development of critical review of literature, research design, RQs, hypotheses and writing a research proposal. It is followed by selection of a suitable research method, hands on practice for conducting research, data collection & management, data analysis using SPSS and its interpretation, report writing and publishing papers, using citation management and referencing tools EndNote X5.


The researchers from Universities, Research Institutes, R&D Organizations and Social Sector Organizations can participate individually or institutional in their own auditorium/office/home from anywhere around the world. The individual participant can participate using a laptop/desktop computer connected with internet. For institutional registration and arrangements, contact us through email ( or Call us (0097551192657, 001 905 487 1733).


Note: The university/institute will pay the participation fee after the one week of the workshop for the convenience of processing and paying the invoice. RCTD will send the certificates of participation and a DVD of workshop recordings for 40 participants after the workshop through courier.



Critical Thinking, Research Process and Design

  • Applying scientific thinking and investigation
  • Understanding the ins and outs of research process
  • Problem diagnosing (symptoms, issues & options) and defining research features
  • Determining subjects of the study and relevant variables
  • Developing research questions and hypothesis
  • Research proposal and cost benefit analysis of research
  • Research design formulation

 Assignment: Choosing an area of research interest-hand on & brainstorming


Searching and Finding Secondary Data and Critical Review of Literature

  • External and internal data sources
  • Online data searching techniques and web exploration
  • Searching through the libraries
  • Searching online databases
  • Notes taking techniques and referencing styles
  • Citation management using EndNote X5
  • Evaluating secondary data
  • Synthesizing secondary data with the primary data  (practice session)
  • Critical review of literature
  • Writing the literature review
  • Exercise on literature review and writing

Assignment: Prepare a bibliography of scientific published literature in your area of research


Qualitative Research Methods

  • Qualitative research application
  • Design approaches
  • Observation
  • Interview
  • Focus Group
  • Sampling in qualitative research
  • Ethical considerations





Quantitative Research Methodology and Data Analysis using SPSS


  • Introduction to Quantitative Research
  • Survey Methodologies
  • Questionnaire/Scale Development
  • Sampling/Data Collection
  • Descriptive Analysis for Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  • Parametric and Non-Parametric Testing of Hypothesis
  • Regression Analysis


Academic Writing for Researcher

  • Purpose-build writing for research
  • Academic writing- the design scheme
  • Writing background - putting literature together
  • Technicalities in academic writing
  • Nature of academic research and common challenge
  • Important tools, techniques and terms
  • Application of theory / theories in research
  • Managing Peers in academic writing, relationship and assessment process
  • Editing and editors – goodness of fit index
  • Reviewing  and revising


Publishing Research in Impact Factor Journals:

  • Searching of impact factor journals practical demonstration
  • Finding of ISI indexed journal list
  • Why to publish?
  • Where to publish research?
  • What publishers are looking to publish?
  • Readiness for writing a research paper
  • Selection of an appropriate journal for publishing… A case study
  • Impact factor journals
  • How to publish with Elsevier… A case study
  • Guidelines for how to publish with emerald journals
  • Handling reviewer’s remarks
  • Enhancing impact of your research 


International Research Faculty


Dr. Andrew Bosworth


University of Washington

Coach for Research Methodology

Trainer, RCTD


Dr. Muhammad Ahsan

PhD (Japan)

Research Editor 

Author of Many Books in United Kingdom

Editor/Writer for Academic Writing for Researchers

Trainer, RCTD


Professor Dr. Muhammad Ramzan


University of Malaysia

Director, Library

Lahore University of Management Sciences

Plagiarism, Citation Management and Publishing Research in Impact Factor Journals

Trainer, RCTD


Professor Dr. Murali Krishna

Former Chief Consultant Offshore Programs in

Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi,

Former Scientist SF, NRSA, ISRO, India

Former JNTU Director [R&D] 

Trainer, RCTD


Mr. Anton Svendrovski


Statshelp, Canada

Expert of Data Analysis using SPSS

Plagiarism Detection and Management using turnitin


Research Center for Training & Development


Mr. Akram Naseem


Expert of Quantitative Research Methodology and Data Analysis using SPSS


Research Center for Training & Development


Program Information

Date: 11-12 June, 2014 (Wednesday-Thursday)

Time: 9:30am-5:00pm Dubai, UAE

Local Participant: Rs. 3000/participant

International Participant: US$ 200/participant

Institutional Participation: Rs. 40,000 (up to 40 participants)

Note: The Universities/Institutes are requested to organize this International level workshop in their own computer lab/auditorium. The host institute does not require to have any conferencing facility, the conferencing facility will be provided by RCTD. For Institutional participation and arrangements, contact us (+97551192657, +1-6477176994, +1-9054871733) or 


Registration and Payment details

For registration send us the following details on .  The registered participant will receive all the payment details in a formal invoice.

Full Name with Initials Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr.


Discipline/Area of Research:


Phone/Cell: For Courier

Postal Address: For courier of Certificate and a DVD of Workshop recordings


The participant will also get

  •         Resource Material (soft copy through email)
  •         Certificate of Participation (through courier)
  •         Software and workshop recordings (through courier)

How to participate?

The confirmed participant/university will receive a confirmatory email from RCTD. The email will have a workshop join link. The participant will click the join link on the day of workshop on the time mentioned on the link, after clicking, the setup will start and after 2-3 minutes, the participant will be connected with live HD Video Conferencing of the workshop.    



Desktop computer/Laptop P4 or latest

WindowsXP/Vista/Windows 7/Mac

Internet connectivity

A set of Headphone & Mic (connect to your computer)


Who Should Attend?

  • Faculty Members
  • Research Scholars (MPhil/PhD)
  • Research Associates
  • Researchers of Medical Sciences
  • Researchers of R&D Organizations
  • Researchers of Social Sector Organizations

For any questions or concerns regarding payments please contact one of our offices for assistance.


Managing Director (MD)
Cell: + 97 551192657

Skype: research.rctd  


RCTD INC., North America Head Office

Office: +1 905487 1733


RCTD INC., Asia/ Gulf Region Office

PO Box 54816 Abu Dhabi UAE

217J1 Wapda Town, Lahore

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